Strategic Planning Process

The challenge of developing a Strategic Plan is likely the most significant single challenge that boards face.

The key questions that this Course addresses are:

  • Whose job is it to produce a Strategic Plan?
  • What should a Strategic Plan include?


Here are the ten vital components in the Strategic Plan:

  1. Strategic Context – History and Environmental Scanning
  2. Vision
  3. Beneficiaries
  4. Services
  5. Places
  6. Vision
  7. Mission
  8. Priorities
  9. Goals
  10. Critical Success Factors – Tactical Directions and Risk Factors


This training course is available to values-based not-for-profit organizations, faith-based not-for-profit organizations and Christian churches.

The Course

Course Delivery

The entire course will require 12-15 months. In the first three months your Board will complete the first Strategic Plan with components one to eight.  During the following year, your Board will master strategic goals, critical tactical results, and monitoring and mitigating risk.

Your board will have the benefit of a Certified Relationship Model™ Coach for a total of 16 hours in amounts from 15 minutes to two hours . A key element of this process is regular environmental scanning at every board meeting.

Any board may complete this Strategic Planning Process without adopting The Relationship Model™ in its entirety, but the board that chooses to proceed to Implement the Model will find it puts the hand in the glove.  The Relationship Model™ gives the Strategic Plan the flexible movement that planning requires.


The cost per participant is $3,600 USD. Canadian orders will be discounted at checkout. 

This process includes four training videos:
  • Universal Design of Relationships 101
  • Strategic Planning 201
  • Monitoring and Mitigating Risk 402
  • Measuring Strategic Results 403
Also included are attachments:
  • Strategic Plan Template
  • Strategic Planning Instructions
  • Strategic Planning Handout
  • Managing Risks in the 21st Century
  • Planning Annual Strategic Planning Retreats
  • Future Directions Survey

What Others Say

Click here to read the course evaluation from the recent 2020 session. Suggestions from participants are always taken into consideration when making course revisions/improvements.