Implement the Model

Implement the Model Overview

Welcome to “Implement the Model”!  Here is the information you need to view all the instructional Short Courses and to download the many attachments. Here you will also find the templates for the Governance Manual and the Strategic Plan. Don’t be daunted by the volume. These attachments will take 12-15 months to use in the transition to The Relationship Model™

Your purchase will be active for three full years from the time of your decision to Implement the Model. You may train your current board and the next three years of elected board members. It’s renewable.

Because of the high volume of information, you may wish to dedicate some personal time to become familiar with what’s included. You may also contact your coach just to get acquainted and to receive a briefing on how to begin the implementation.

We want you to enjoy this journey. Let us know how we can support you on the way.

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Faith-based Not-for-profit Organizations

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