Internal Coach Training e-Learning Course

$3,600.00 USD

An e-Learning course to certify one or more of your own board chair, Governance Committee, CEO, pastors, or leaders to support your governance, leadership, and management in The Relationship Model™ (The RM™).

Training your own internal coach ensures that you will have long-lasting coaching to support your own governance in The Relationship Model™.

In this 16-module, instructor-guided Internal Coach Training course you will learn:

  • How understanding and using the universal design of relationships is fundamental for organizational structure and processes, and
  • A complete program of governance, leadership, and service delivery for your board, CEO, and senior staff

We offer separate courses for Values-based organizations, Faith-based organizations, and Christian Churches. See the Curriculum and course dates in the description below.


Course Delivery

The e-Learning course comprises 16 modules, which are delivered to participants weekly or bi-weekly via email. Weekly or bi-weekly video sessions to share experiences and learnings are also scheduled for the course participants, depending on the participant’s internet bandwidth and time zone. 

We issue Modules on Saturdays and assignments are due eight days later (15 days later for the two-week modules). The Course Instructor will review Assignments and return them to participants as a combined document to enable the participants to learn from each other. The course will take a minimum of 19 weeks, but may be longer depending on whether breaks for major holidays will need to be added to the particular course schedule of the course run.

The course is limited to four participants per course session. This class size limit controls the amount of reading that is required by the participants when lessons are returned, and ensures productive discussion and engagement of all participants. It also allows participants to connect and learn from each other throughout the experience.

Organizations also have the option to fill the class with their own four people (from members of the board, the CEO or pastor, or senior staff members). Where four participants come from the same organization or church, the fourth participant is free.


So, you want to take the course. However, you are wondering, “how does this benefit my Board, if it’s just me taking the course”?

If the board selects one or more board members or senior management to participate in the course, they will be trained as Certified Internal Coaches in The Relationship Model™. For one year after the Coach completes the 16-module course, the Coach and the Board may use the copyrighted material in the course and have access to all the related material on the website without any additional cost for one year. However, in this case, only the Internal Coach is certified in The Relationship Model™, not the Board (see our Certify Your Board program), and the Internal Coach  is not authorised to coach any other boards using The RM™.

A better option is to combine the Internal Coaching Opportunity with our Certify Your Board program – for sustainability purposes, and to ensure your whole board is ready to govern into the future. Through this program, your Certified Internal Coach will receive the support of Governance Matters for 15-months after they complete the course. We will support and monitor your Coach as they implement the Certify Your Board process and transition to governance over a 15-month period. The normal cost of Certify Your Board is $7200, but because your board’s own Certified Internal Coach will be training your Board, we will cut the cost in half – the cost for the Board to become Certified in The Relationship Model is only $3600.


Advanced External Coaching for Course Graduates

For Internal Coaches who complete the 16-module course and are hungry for more, we have an additional opportunity!

Internal Coaches can participate in two bonus modules to become a Certified Coach in The RM™, which would allow them to provide paid coaching services to additional boards that purchase products through Governance Matters.

Certification is available for experienced and qualified participants to coach external not-for-profit organizations and/or Christian churches, representing on a contractual basis. Clients register for products that require a coach through the Governance Matters website, and GM assigns a coach who will provide professional support and expertise as they implement The Relationship Model™.

Contact us for more information about becoming a certified governance coach in The Relationship Model™.


Curriculum Overview


Part 1 Exploring the Orchard

Module 1 Course Information with an Introduction to The Relationship Model™


Part 2 Finding Good Soil

Module 2 Introduction to Relationship Structure, and Relationship Structure: The Circle of Authority

Module 3 Relationship Structure: The Circle of Responsibility

Module 4 Relationship Structure: Accountability, and Summary of Relationship Structure

Module 5 Relationship Processes: Communication, Conflict Resolution, Decision-Making

Module 6 Relationship Processes: Planning, Delegating

Module 7 Relationship Processes: Monitoring and Measuring (The Accountability Process)

Module 8 Relationship Behaviours, and Summary of Part Two


Part 3 From the Roots Up

Module 9 Designing Board Structures and Processes: Structures

Module 10 Designing Board Structures and Processes: Processes

Module 11 Direct Strategic Plans Part One

Module 12 Direct Strategic Plans Part Two

Module 13 Delegate Management Authority and Responsibility to the CEO

Module 14 Delegate Authority and Responsibility: Board Relationship Descriptions

Module 15 Monitoring and Measuring: The Monitoring Process

Module 16 Monitoring and Measuring: The Measuring Process


October 7, 2023 – February 17, 2024

November 4, 2023 – March 16, 2024

January 6, 2024 – May 18, 2024

February 3, 2024 – June 15, 2024

March 2, 2024 – July 13, 2024

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