Certify Your Board™

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Certify Your Board: Coach your Board in a 15-month cycle

The design of this comprehensive package allows you to begin the transition to The Relationship Model™ immediately, by practicing the structure and processes of the Model while you continue your normal meetings. This is a coach-assisted approach to implementation with all the tools, instructional videos, and the templates you need to complete the task in 12-15 months of normal meetings.

  • The package includes 38 hours of coaching time in minimum increments of 15 minutes for a total of 38 hours.
  • Additional eight-hour blocks of coaching time are also available for purchase in the dropdown menu


This package provides a comprehensive opportunity for your board to become a Certified Governing Board using The Relationship Model™, with the assistance of a Certified Relationship Model Coach to support you in the process.

The design of this comprehensive package allows you to begin the transition immediately by practicing the structure and processes of The Relationship Model™ while you continue your normal meetings. With our targeted support, your Board will complete one regular cycle of governance and strategic planning in 12-15 months.

The Relationship Model™ is unique

The Relationship Model™ is unique among policy governance models because it is based on a universal understanding of relationship structure, relationship processes, and relationship behaviours. This understanding of relationships is fundamental in the application of organizational structure and processes for governance, leadership and management. Read more about this on The Relationship Model™ and Articles pages of this website.

The core of The Relationship Model™ implementation is learning about and carrying out the responsibilities of the board which are organized into four (4) quadrants. Read more about this on The Relationship Model™ page of this website or refer to the diagram of the four quadrants which illustrate the four areas of responsibility of a board.

All of the structures that describe the board and CEO responsibilities are established in this implementation plan which also includes training for all the governance processes which your board will learn through use. Remember, you will have access to a coach as you begin the implementation.

Curriculum Materials

  • Instructional videos for the board for use at each meeting
  • Instructional videos for the new committees
  • Governance Matters in print or eBook format for each board member
  • Governance Manual Template
  • Strategic Planning Workbook Template
  • Strategic Planning Workbook preparation instructions
  • Board Agenda Template
  • Structure and Process Assessments

Time, Effort and Cost

The entire transitional training for the full 15 months costs $6,700.00. We will provide all the tools, instructional videos, and the templates you need to complete the task in 12-15 months of normal meetings. This is the complete price for the entire coach-assisted implementation, including the cost of the Certified RM Coach who will provide 38 hours of support.

If at any time during the implementation year or thereafter, your board requires additional coaching time, it can be purchased in 8-hour blocks in increments of a minimum of 15 minutes to be used within 12 months of the purchase date. This additional coaching time will cost $950.00.


How it works

In the videos, the implementation begins with some basic training in:
  • governance, leadership, and management using the universal principles of relationships
  • the structures and processes in the four areas of responsibility of a board


At the first meeting, the board will begin using The Relationship Model™ meeting agenda. This sets the stage for what the board will discuss in its role of governance. The easiest and most effective means of understanding the Model is by using it.

Each meeting will include up to an hour of training based on an assigned reading from Governance Matters, selected training videos, and printed materials, including templates for the Governance Manual, and the Strategic Plan.

Individual board members and the CEO will have access to the entire training course so that each individual board member may prepare ahead of time for better learning and sharing when the groups meet together. The Board makes steady progress by using The Relationship Model™ in normal governing meetings.

The new committees of the board will also have training sessions at each meeting to support their work of developing policies, monitoring risk and measuring strategic results.

Within one year, the board will reduce meetings to four per year, if you are not already working within that schedule. The curriculum is based on one annual cycle with an extra quarter to begin the second cycle or to take extra time with the first.

Becoming Certified

Certification consists of self-administered monitoring structure and process instruments which are provided as part of the course. They will enable the board to monitor its training process along the way.

Certification is granted by GovernanceMatters.com Inc. using the self-administered instruments.

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