Plan Your Future

$3,600.00 USD

Develop your Strategic Plan with a Certified RM Coach

Designing the Strategic Plan is likely the most significant single challenge that boards face.

The Plan Your Future product is available to values-based and faith-based not-for-profit organizations and Christian Churches.

Here is what you will get when you purchase Design Our Future:

  • A new Strategic Plan in the first three months
  • A Strategic Plan Template to document your Strategic Plan and reuse in the future
  • 16 hours of support from your Certified RM Coach
  • Four 30-minute training videos and articles (description below)
  • More training in Environmental Scanning (during the year)
  • Support in designing S.M.A.R.T. strategic results measurements
  • Support in identifying and mitigating risks
  • Your first updated Strategic Plan with goals and risk monitoring at the end of 15 months
  • A free e-copy of the Governance Matters book for all of your board members
  • All videos, templates, and articles are available for two years
  • Up to 20 board and staff members may receive personal access


Once purchased, the course materials are delivered into your My Products page for viewing and document downloading. They are Word documents so you may use them as templates. They are copyrighted for use only by the purchasing organization or church.



Any board may complete this Strategic Planning Process without adopting The Relationship Model™ in its entirety, but the board that chooses to proceed to Certify Your Board package, will find it puts the hand in the glove.  The Relationship Model™ gives the Strategic Plan the flexible movement that planning requires.

Course materials are delivered right here for viewing and document downloading. They are Word documents so you may use them as templates.

Your Certified RM™ Coach may live on one of three continents but will work virtually by phone or Zoom for short meetings or longer training meetings with committees or the Board.

Here are the ten vital components in a Strategic Plan:

  1. Strategic Context – History and Environmental Scanning
  2. Values
  3. Beneficiaries
  4. Services
  5. Places
  6. Vision
  7. Mission
  8. Priorities
  9. Goals
  10. Critical Success Factors – Tactical Directions and Risk Factors


Here are the four training videos:

  • Universal Design of Relationships 101
  • Strategic Planning 201
  • Monitoring and Mitigating Risk 402
  • Measuring Strategic Results 403


Also included are instructions and attachments

  • Strategic Planning Instructions
  • Strategic Planning Handout
  • Managing Risks in the 21st Century
  • Planning Annual Strategic Planning Retreats
  • Future Directions Survey

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