Shape Your Governance

$3,600.00 USD

Create your Governance Manual with a Certified RM Coach

Shape Your Governance for most boards, means making the transition from management to governance. For others, it may mean making a change in the model of governance.  In either case The Relationship Model™ can be your new home.

Shape Your Governance is available to values-based and faith-based not-for-profit organizations and Christian Churches

Here is what you will get when you purchase Shape Your Governance:

  • A complete 55-page Governance Manual ready to receive your existing policies
  • Development in the critical relationship between the Board and the CEO or Pastor
  • Development and training for the three standing governing committees
  • 16 hours of support from your Certified RM Coach
  • Six 30-minute training videos and 20 articles (descriptions below)
  • A free e-copy of the Governance Matters book for all of your board members
  • More training for your board members in the transition to governance
  • All videos, templates, and articles are available for two years
  • Up to 20 board and staff members may receive personal access


Once purchased, the course materials are delivered into your My Products page for viewing and document downloading. The attachments are Word documents so you may use them as templates. They are copyrighted for use only by the purchasing organization or church.



Course materials are delivered right here for viewing and document downloading. They are Word documents so you may use them as templates.

Your Certified RM™ Coach may live on one of three continents but will work virtually by phone or Zoom for short meetings or longer training meetings with committees or the Board.

Here are the training videos:

  • Universal Design of Relationships 101
  • The Relationship Model of Governance 101
  • Board Meetings, Agendas, Chair 103 Part One
  • Board Meetings, Agendas, Chair 103 Part Two
  • Building the Board/CEO Relationship 301
  • Governing Committees 401


Also included are instructions and attachments:

  • Governance Manual Template
  • Governance Manual Workbook Instructions
  • Sample Board Meeting Agenda
  • Committee Relationship Descriptions
  • Relationship Review Tools

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