Strategic Planning 201

Strategic Planning 201 Overview

Strategic Plans are like snowflakes. They look perfect. No two are alike, but they disappear anyway.

How can we build a strategic plan that works? One that actually turns into a tactical plan that makes a difference in the lives of the beneficiaries of your Mission.

Here’s a time-tested Strategic Plan that includes everything you need and leaves nothing out.

It’s built on your own history that holds your organizational values and turns your values into meaningful services for your beneficiaries.

In this detailed video with PowerPoint, Dr. Stahlke shows you how to build a Strategic Plan that’s worth refining each year at your strategic planning retreat. It comes with a Strategic Planning Template that helps you with the structure and the details.

Each Short Course will be open for a full year from the date of purchase. It’s renewable.

Values-based Not-for-profit Organizations
Faith-based Not-for-profit Organizations

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