Board Meetings, Agendas, and the Chair 103 for Christian Churches

$120.00 CAD

The Board, Agendas, and the Chair 103 short course will prepare you to design, build, and strengthen the relationship between your Board, your Chair, and your individual board members. Everyone will be clear of their authority, responsibilities, and accountabilities.

You will have a template that guarantees you will stay on track with governance work including board structure and process, strategic planning, delegating to the CEO or Pastor, and monitoring risk and measuring results. It enables you to avoid management and track the time you send on each of your responsibilities. It makes meetings shorter and more effective.

Each Short Course will be open for a full year from the date of purchase. It’s renewable.

Course material are delivered right here for viewing and document downloading. They are Word documents so you may use them as templates. They are copyrighted for use only by the purchasing organization or church.


Course Materials include:

• Board, Agenda, and the Chair 103, a video
• Board Chair-Board Relationship Description
• Board Member-Board Relationship Description
• Relationship Model Board Meeting Agenda Template
• Board Member Competencies
• Consensus or Majority

Remember to buy the two introductory videos to support this training:

• Universal Design of Relationships 101
• Introduction to the Relationship Model 101


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