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We provide virtual coaching sessions for Boards, committees, CEOs/Executive Directors, Pastors and individual leaders via Zoom and Meets in all countries.

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Our Coaches provide customized coaching in the following topics:

Q1 Governance Structure and Process

  • Relationships:
    • Board Chair
    • Treasurer
    • Secretary
    • Board Committees
    • Financial Audit Committee
    • Governance Committee
    • Relationship Review Committee
    • CEO/Executive Director
    • Lead Pastor
    • Administrator
    • Senior Staff
  • Governance Manual
  • New Board Member Orientation
  • Creating Board Agendas



Quadrant 2 Strategic Planning

  • Identifying interpersonal and organizational values
  • Drafting a Vision Statement
  • Drafting a Mission Statement
  • Naming services and programs
  • Naming beneficiaries and strategic partners
  • Setting priorities of beneficiaries and services
  • Setting strategic S.M.A.R.T. goals
  • Identifying Critical Tactical Directors



Quadrant 3: Delegation to the CEO/Executive Director

  • Writing a Relationship (Job) Description
  • Defining levels of authority and responsibility
  • Governing the CEO/Executive Director/Pastor vs. Managing the CEO/ED/Pastor
  • Writing an organizational chart



Quadrant 4: Monitoring and Measuring

  • Understanding forgiveness and accountability
  • Naming Governance Committees
  • Governance Committee
  • Financial Audit Committee
  • Relationship Review Committee (Personnel)
  • Monitoring Risks:
  • Risks of process
  • Risks of finance and infrastructure
  • Risks of relationships
  • Measuring Tactical Outputs
  • Measuring Strategic Outcomes
  • Annual Relationship Reviews
  • CEO/Executive Director
  • Lead Pastor
  • Administrator
  • Senior Management Team
  • Senior Managers

Governance Documents

  • Constitution/Letters Patent/Articles of Incorporation
  • Bylaws and Membership

Other Issues

  • Transitioning from a managing board to a governing board
  • Need a solution for something that’s not listed here, suggest a topic 

Challenges for which you may want coaching that relate to behaviors:

  1. “Our board doesn’t know the difference between governance and management, but they do know they like to manage.”
  2. “Why do we have an Executive Committee? All the board gets is recommendations.”
  3. “Why do I even come to meetings? Most decisions are already made before I get there.”
  4. “Some of our best board members quit. They say they don’t want to major in minors. What’s going on?”
  5. “We don’t have a strategic plan, and no one seems to know what should be in it.”
  6. “How do we get help for our board without paying an arm and a leg? We’re not-for-profit.”
  7. “We’re just volunteers. How much time do we have to give to this?”
  8. “The CEO is the founder and makes all the decisions anyway. We’re rubber stamps.”
  9. “Does the CEO work for the Board or the Board Chair? Our Chair doesn’t seem to get this.”
  10. “I hate fundraising. Is this governance or management? Do other boards have to do that?
  11. “I’m afraid something will go wrong on my watch. How can we monitor risk?”
  12. “How do we measure the difference we make in the lives of people?”
  13. “I’ve been on boards before. I don’t need any training.”
  14. “Half of our board members are like bumps on a log. Some never say a word during a whole meeting.”
  15. “Our Executive Director thinks she owns the Board. How can the Board control her?”
  16. “One of our board members is very demanding and authoritarian. Some of want to quit. What do other boards do about this?
  17. We have an ongoing conflict of interest with a board member, but no one wants to deal with it. What should we do?
  18. Our CEO is a milk-toast. How do we deal with last of direction in an annual review?
  19. Our Pastor hasn’t had an annual review forever? And he doesn’t want one. What next?
  20. We don’t understand the difference between forgiveness and accountability. Why can’t we understand it?

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