Board Meetings, Agendas, and the Chair 103

Board Meetings, Agendas, and the Chair 103 Overview

Bored meetings or Board Meetings! With this course you will graduate from one to the other: a governing board meeting that will produce results and give a sense of fulfillment to your volunteer work. No more looking at the time and wondering how you got into this.

This course will show you in video and print how to multiply effectiveness by building your meetings on:
• Relationship Structure
• Relationship Processes
• Relationship Behaviours

Best of all you will learn how to create an agenda that:
• Organizes your governance
• Explains what’s important and how long it takes
• Explains how your discussion fits into the big picture
• Supports Strategic Plans
• Monitors risk
• Measures results

You will learn how and why things take less time while getting more work done.
This two-part short course works with any governance model and “flies” with the Relationship Model™.

Choose your course below based on your organization type.

Values-based Not-for-profit Organizations
Faith-based Not-for-profit Organizations

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