Governing Committees 401

Governing Committees 401

The Short Course Governing Committees 401 will enable you to complete the design of the three standing governing committees with very little additional development. This well-developed set of policies is a turn-key process of establishing these committees.

The first part of the course shares the transition that is often needed from managing committees to governing committees in order to focus on governance instead of management.

The second describes the structure of each of the three committees: Governance, Financial Audit, and Relationship Review.

Finally, there are some ad hoc committees that may also be necessary from time to time.

Attachments include:

  • Governing Committees 401 Handouts
  • Governance Manual, Table of Contents
  • GS1 – 2 Role of the Committees
  • GS2 – 2 Financial Audit Committee/Board
  • GS2 – 3 Governance Committee/Board
  • GS2 – 4 Relationship Review Committee/Board
  • GS2 – 5 Nominating Committee/Board
  • GP4 Monitoring Critical Risk Factors


The course includes one full year to use the video training. Each of your board members, CEO or Pastor and senior staff may register to use the video and download the attachments themselves. It’s an effective use of $8 each for a board of twelve – with CEO/Pastor and senior staff included! Choose your course below based on your organization type.

Values-based Not-for-profit organizations
Faith-based Not-for-profit organizations

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