Monitoring and Mitigating Risk 402

Monitoring and Mitigating Risk 402 Overview

What could go wrong on my watch? Don’t stay awake and wonder.
Take this short course and sleep soundly. (Not during the course.)
Learn how to identify risks in three categories:

• Risks of process
• Risks of finance/infrastructure
• Risks of relationships

Over the years we have been learning from over 200 organizations and churches the 22 risks they think about. And you might think of your own.

In this course you will learn the Three Steps for Monitoring Risks 

• Identify the risks we choose to manage
• Select the indicators of risk that we choose to monitor
• Draw the “red line” beyond which we must mitigate risk.

This course is one of the “two peas in a pod” with its companion Measuring Strategic Results 403. Both are part of the fourth responsibility of a governing board, monitoring and measuring.

This course sounds scary. No, it’s fun.

Choose your course below based on your organization type.

Values-based Not-for-profit Organizations
Faith-based Not-for-profit Organizations

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